1. Exotic quantum phenomena in strongly correlated electron system

  • Chiral superconductivity and  quantum magnetism

  • Topologically nontrivial magnetic states in oxides such as quantum anomalous Hall state and skyrmion.

  • Metal-insulator transition and unconventional spin-charge-orbital-lattice coupling


2. Light & matter interactions

  • Spectroscopic investigation on low-energy excitation and relevant emergent phenomena in strongly correlated & heavy-element systems

  • Band gap engineering on thin films & nano structures

  • New materials for smart window, transparent conductor, and other light-related applications.


3. Functional materials design by atomic control

  • Development of new synthesize methodologies for desired multifunctionalities

  • Room-temperature multiferroics on Si

  • Materials for energy application such as photovoltaics and solid oxide fuel cell.