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Department of Biological Sciences
Robert J, Mitchell

Professor / UNIST



Robert J. Mitchell

소속  : 생명과학과(Department of Biological Sciences)
직위  : 교수(professor)
전화번호 : (+82-52-217-) 2513
이메일 :  esgott@unist.ac.kr




I am interested in studying predation of bacterial strains by Bdellovibrio-and-like-organisms (BALOs). These incredible little bacterial strains actually attack and eat other bacteria and can be found in many environments, including the soil and ocean.

Reseach in my lab will include the characterization of these bacterial strains and their predation with a focus on:

– The responses of the bacterial prey to predation, including resistance

– Genetic, transcriptional and proteomic analyses of BALOs

– Microarray and RT-PCR analyses and biosensor development

– Various applications of BALOs in industrial/medical facilities

– Environmental applications and clean-up

A second area of research will involve improving the generation of biofuels, including hydrogen and butyric acid, with fermentative bacterial strains. Some of the topics being addressed include:

– Characterization of different bacterial strains and their ability to produce biofuels

– Genetic modification of these strains to improve production

– Mixed culture/consortia studies and characterization

– Toxicogenomic analyses using microarrays and RT-PCR


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Robert J, Mitchell

Assistant Professor