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Center for Soft and Living Matter



Our team is dedicated to studying biological systems


By using statistical physics


and in particular optics through microscopy and multiple scattering


You can find here all of our most recent publications. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question


Title of the paper

2016 Amblard

Title of the paper

2016 Amblard

Title of the paper

2016 Amblard

Title of the paper

2016 Amblard


This is our team !

François Amblard - Professor


Microrheology, non-equilibrium polymer dynamics, multiple light scattering, microscopic heat transfers and ultrafast thermal detection.
Biochemistry & self-assembly :

actin polymerization, biochemistry in two dimensions, kinetic control of self-assembly, polymer crystallization, theory.

Cell biology and  multicellular assemblies:

cytoskeleton dynamics,
dynamic control of cell functions : instability-driven motility, dynamic stabilization of epithelia, social control of phenotype diversity and stability, nucleation of the oncogenic process.

non-linear optical microscopy, (I initiated it in France, starting in 1997)
optical cell biology methods: FRAP, ablation, microfabrication, optical gene induction.

Guillaume Graciani

Trained as an Optical Engineer at the Institut d’Optique Paristech-France, I first worked on super high resolution Website Guillaume Gracianiimaging problematics for both the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

I was then appointed Assistant Professor/Industrial Researcher at the Institut d’Optique and worked on advanced optics and photometry for the automotive lighting field with industrial partners (Valeo, Automotive Lighting, Renault, Peugeot-Citroën).
In charge of an international advanced Master program, I designed courses – in collaboration with professionals from the industry – directed to young engineers of the automotive field and had the wonderful opportunity to teach for more than 200h a year at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

Currently working as a researcher in François Amblard’s team on the study of non-thermal dynamics of active media by amplified multiple diffusion of light, I hope that my background in optics will help us design new and innovative systems and I am very excited to work in this multicultural and multidisciplinary environment !

Ibtissame Khaouah


I am a currently a PhD from François AMBLARD’s team. I arrived on June 14th in IBS.

My background is medical and I am undergoing my residency in anesthesiology-critical care in Lille (2d year) after 1 year of surgery.
I choose to interrupt it for 3 years to do a PhD in IBS center after François offered me this position here, where I could work on the subject I wanted to with him.
Here the possibilities and freedom offered by IBS are wide and that was a good incentive to come here, that far from home ! It turns out a very good choice.

My work is about the spontaneous light emission from cells, its quantification, its mechanism and origin, its link with oxydative stress and metabolism and its eventual purpose.

I am looking forward to go deeper and deeper in this multibranched field !


Institute for Basic Science - Center for Soft and Living Matter
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea (South Korea)

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